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The Spirit of Africa is Calling you Home…

We offer transformational travel experiences to inspire and reconnect you to yourself and the magic of our natural world.

Retreat to Africa is a trusted family-run company delivering inspired, transformational travel experiences for over 25 successful years. We revolutionize travel in the new world by curating journeys rooted in our lifelong love affair with Africa. Our devotion to ecological travel assures impactful trips of an extraordinary, unique nature tailored to our clients’ preferences. From luxurious, bespoke travel, rejuvenating retreats beneath the vast African sky to vegan-inspired explorations, our tried-and-tested suggestions embody the Spirit of Africa. Our various initiatives and sustainable travel projects support our passion for giving back.

Join us, and let the magic of Africa inspire and transform you through her abundant wildlife, dynamic culture, joy, and boundless beauty.


Upcoming Trips and Retreats


Walking with Wildflowers Adventure in South Africa

24-28 AUGUST 2022

5 days from ZAR 13 050 per person

namaqualand wildflowers

Namaqualand Flower Adventure in South Africa

18-22 AUGUST & 30-03 AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2022

5 days from ZAR 12 950 per person.

Kalahari Nature Retreat

Journey to The Kalahari- A Walking and Nature Immersion Experience

12TH-17TH OCTOBER 2022

6 days from ZAR 19 750 per person.


Garden Route Vegan Adventure in South Africa


Please enquire for price


Looking to curate your dream African holiday? Through extensive personal travel, as well as designing trips for countless clients over the years, we have selected a few of our top countries and within them our hand-picked favourite destinations. Turning your dreams into a reality is what we do best, through curating bespoke travel experiences with our personal touch.


Vegan Travel

Adopting a vegan lifestyle is a fast growing movement, and an important one. In line with our ethos of doing no harm, and supporting a sustainable and ecological future, we support a more plant based and vegan world. Being vegan ourselves for many years now, we understand the importance of supporting vetted vegan friendly lodges, game reserves, sanctuaries, and activities whilst you are travelling, and of course, eating delicious vegan cuisine. We are excited in our new venture to offer curated vegan trips, as well as partner with international vegan travel companies to bring you personally vetted and selected vegan destinations. Africa has a lot to offer our vegan and animal loving travelers, come and see for yourself!



Africa has a special energy. An energy that inspires and transforms, that helps one relax and rejuvenate. There is a certain magic in the air, under the great African sun.



Our Namaqualand flower journey was everything I had imagined, and more. The landscape and magnificent flower display was as inspirational as the finest sermon, the sheer abundance far exceeding my expectations. I realized we got a really good value deal. Kudos to your 5 star team

Dorothea Nortje, South Africa - Namaqualand Flower Journey

We feel the absolute need to thank you all for what has been the greatest trip we have ever had. Thank you for your care and concern and for the attention you pay to even the slightest detail. The unbelievable landscapes of Namibia, wonderful wildlife and excellent lodges have created an unprecedented experience for us.

Eugenie Vasilopoulou, Greece - Namibia

Your hard work and organization from the beginning to end was amazing in every way. Your company is first class! Thank you for making our Garden Route trip an experience we will NEVER, EVER forget!

Janet Heller , USA- Garden Route

Thank you SO much for organizing a perfect trip! Every aspect was so well thought out and the organization of it all was flawless! Our guide was perfect with the right level of knowledge, very flexible and really good at suggesting places we would like. We loved all the accommodation. Thank you again for a trip of a lifetime!

Murray & Therese West , USA- Cape Town, Winelands & Garden Route

The flower tour was the nicest holiday ever! There were so many highlights throughout the trip, that I kept pinching myself, it felt as if I was dreaming! I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and a very sincere thank you for making this trip a reality. Retreat to Africa has a 5 star thumbs up from me.

Merle Borgstrom , South Africa- Namaqualand Flower Journey

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